Transkei Mushrooms


This rare mushroom variety was first discovered and collected in 2002 in Transkei, in the Wild Coast region of South Africa. Funfact This is the region which also gave us Nelson Mandela.
It was the first strain of psychedelic mushroom in circulation that originated from the African continent.
Transkei is a potent strain that tends to produce a heavy body load and a low ceiling for visuals, meaning they produce visuals at lower doses than, for example, Golden Teachers.

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This is AFRICA!!!

Out of all the strains I’ve tried, Africa Transkei Shrooms have provided me with the best conscious experience I’ve ever had on shrooms - with ANY substance. With other strains we describe it as you’re in the background, observing the visuals, in deep thought or both with a nice head/body buzz. With Transkei you’re IN the essence of life itself, everything is so smooth and clear -super euphoric - There’s nothing like it. These are my go to for social gatherings, they give off a similar feel as MDMA, higher than Tony Montana and so clean -natural. First time dose was 1.1g downed with orange -changed the way we experienced shrooms. For me the more the better, would later do 2-3g initial dose and lift off!!! Get ready for the greatest time of your life. Transkei will unlock you like nothing else (dance/freestyle/super deep philosophically) and make you wish you had these partying long time ago and that lockdown was over. The visuals are intense (show me more type) but are not the main’s more about the euphoria with these shrooms, connecting with people, tapping into the universal energy and receiving the answers to life. I’ve spread this strain all around to all my friends and it’s always a hit - everyone is amazed that shrooms can make us feel this way, totally different vibe from any other shrooms. If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason - your turn!! Grab yours today! It’s A-mazing!!! Also there are other sites that offer Transkei but none of them have the same HIGH QUALITY that Dose offers. Worth every dollar straight up. It’s a beautiful life. The THIS IS AFRICA!!!!

Brian J.

Transkei mushrooms

At 8g, this was very visual with deep mental gymnastics that came on quick and strong. After a 2 year abstinence, I was pleased.


BEST trip of my life hands down

I’ve only tripped on shrooms a few times on approx. one gram and once on two grams, so I decided to up it a bit and take 3.5 grams of Transkei and I honestly don’t have words. Was truly one of the most profound experiences of my life. The hallucinations/visuals alone every time I would close my eyes were life-changing, eye-opening and I believe took me to another dimension. Even though I cried a LOT and some parts were “scary”, I enjoyed every second of it (I kinda love crying lol). My mind was always in full control, so I was able to quickly switch gears when I reached scarier hallucinations. But overall so therapeutic and so comforting to feel my emotions so deeply. I was even able to tap into others’ emotions as if I were a satellite radio picking up on their frequencies (this was the best part as I truly felt like a radio and even heard static and interference at times). I believe I even telepathically communicated with my completely sober sleeping boyfriend who was lying next to me, as well as another friend who wasn’t even there with us. I was able to bypass my ego and express my higher self to my boyfriend as well, which was such a beautiful experience as I myself didn’t even know what I truly wanted to say to him before I took these shrooms. I even wrote out a long emotional message and sent it to my mom the next day, which I’ve never done before since our family is so emotional stiffened, but she really appreciated it :) Will be tripping again in another 1-2 months because I feel as though I need to tap into that energy again for more relevations, yet know I should wait long enough for these lessons to absorb because this isn’t something you want to be doing every weekend. It is very intense.

Stefanie T.

Perfect for ecstatic dance

Unbelievably perfect for ecstatic dance to really get into your body!!

Emma S.

Reliable, fast delivery and even better trip

Loved my order! I used the little chat box to get a recommendation and it was definitely spot on for a more visual trip. This is the second time I've used Dose and find they always deliver super quickly. Great for last minute summer adventures!