Big Mex Mushrooms


Big Mex also commonly referred to as Mexican magic mushrooms, are a staff favorite here at Dose.  Producing a euphoric high similar to Golden Teachers but with a lower threshold for visuals. Nice all a rounder.  Good for beginners and a great variety for microdosing.

With toasty brown caps and clean white stalks these fruit look a lot prettier than they taste.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g, 112g, 224g

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I experienced my first guided mushroom ceremony which changed my life forever. I have struggled with childhood trauma my whole life which has impacted the way I associate with others around me. I really needed something that wouldn’t just be a bandaid for my issues. I was so nervous to embark on any sort of spiritual remedy as I hadn’t really explored anything in that realm before. I was gently guided by really supportive shamans and safely integrated mushrooms into my life. Since then I have been doing macro doses every 3 months to continue to re-shape my brain and calm the inner turmoil of my upbringing. Dose has allowed for me to feel safe and secure in purchasing and remedying using their mushrooms. I was recommended by one of the shamans (as Dose is where they received their therapy doses from) And could not be more satisfied. I honestly think mushrooms could work for anyone suffering in silence like I was. Thank you.



So I bought these off the site and they arrive a day later! Super happy about the fast delivery and no one suspected a thing. ;) The bags were cool - brown and stamped to save on plastic packaging. Mushrooms appreciate it when we appreciate their earth too. haha. The high was chill, mild, not crazy colours but I laughed a lot. These would be fun to party on for sure. I would also take them as micro doses for anyone needed to eat a bit to get through their mundane life on the daily. Mushrooms are great teachers, they’ll show us the truth and help us accept how to move through life as genuine as possible. Everyone should eat mushrooms I swear to god.

Joe F.

Best trip ever! Easy to manage site.. cool information and knowledgeable write ups. This is my third time shopping.